Here’s what I can help with:

  • Web Site Development Every business needs a digital presence. Even if it’s just to promote your hours, location and phone number. From simple pages that change very little to robust sites that capture emails for newsletters and utilize ecommerce for closing sales, I will produce and search engine optimize your online brand and help drive home more business.
  • Social Media Many small business owners know they want and need a social media presence, but have no idea where to start. Together we will determine what best suits your needs and then I will walk you through getting your social media accounts set up.
  • Direct Marketing Have a mailing list but no mail? I can help you create effective direct mail that tells your story and attracts customers.
  • Advertising Through traditional and digital forms of media we will spread the word about your business and the products you offer.
  • Custom Projects Grow your team without growing your staff. Got a campaign, project or event coming up you need help with? I will provide all the support you need. Contact me for a custom quote for your project and I will help with everything from planning to results.

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